Camping trips are something to look forward to as they seem to be great fun. Whether it is spending quality time with family and friends, telling stories, cooking mouth-watering dishes over the fire, or sharing a drink under the starry sky, there seems to be something so special about a camping experience that is very difficult to beat or even match. However, sometimes, things could get slightly messy because of sudden torrential rain, wet, and muddy ground or relentless scorching sun. All this makes a camping tarp a necessity in your camping gear.

Waterproof tarps are versatile an integral item in your powerful camping arsenal that could be super-effective in holding back the rain, keeping out the scorching heat of the sun and giving you a cool shady place where you could sit when the ground outside is muddy and wet and not in its best condition. Most cutting-edge waterproof tarpaulins are lightweight and just right for storing in a bag after folding them nicely and neatly. We know that a waterproof tarp is surely the way to go whether in your backyard, at the beach, at the local community meet, in the camping site, in factories, and roads, etc. Here are some smart tips to choose the right waterproof tarpaulin to cater to your unique requirements.

Research Waterproof Tarps & Learn About their Coatings

As per, a tarp could be referred to as waterproof provided it has a HH rating of a minimum of 1000. As the rating gets higher, the tarp becomes stronger to deal with heavier downpour without allowing any water to seep through the fabric. A tent having a HH rating of 3000 should be good enough to safeguard you from moderately heavy rainfall. We understand that tents with higher HH ratings, for instance, 8000 HH, have been designed for combating extreme conditions and that may include torrential rains.

Most waterproof tarpaulins boast of an effective coating on them which helps in raising the water-resistance level of the tarps. A vinyl coating is commonly applied to tarps to make them waterproof enough. You must have a sound understanding of ways to take proper care of your tarp because some coatings are known to peeling off when exposed to certain chemicals and flame. Always choose a waterproof tarpaulin with the right coating so that you could maintain the tarp in proper condition for meeting your unique needs.

Inspect the Grommets of the Tarp

It is important to make sure that the tarp is not only waterproof but it could be tied up, around, and down. This automatically implies that the grommets or the holes must be robust and strong enough. If you think that your waterproof tarpaulin would be put through rigorous use, ensure that the specific grommets will be holding up against all the pressure you are planning on using.

Consider the Perfect Size 

Before considering other key factors to choose the right tarp, it is of pivotal importance to take into account the accurate size that caters best to your unique specifications. For the purpose of camping, you could invest in bigger sizes if you are thinking in terms of covering the ground.


You simply cannot undermine the color of your waterproof tarpaulin.  Different colors indicate different uses and purposes. In general, tarps that come in bold and vibrant colors are great for boosting visibility so that in case of an emergency, your tent could easily be spotted in the thick forests or anywhere for that matter. Green color or camouflage prints on a tarp could be best for hunting expedition when you want your tarp to blend seamlessly into the lush green surroundings. Consider the color of the tarp along with the other tips discussed above while choosing the best waterproof tarpaulin.