Sri Lankan Government declared an economic emergency in 2021 in the context of rising food prices, a depreciating currency and rapidly depleting forex reserves. The best thing is that the situation approached to an extend where President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared in the army to manage the crisis by rationing the supply of different essential goods. 

Sri Lanka is confronting its truly worst ever economics crisis since the island nation reels right from severe shortages of food, fuel and other important commodities. Protest have truly erupted all around the nation and prompting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to introduce a state of emergency of April 1. How did country have here? What truly led to the buildup of the crisis? What role they might be playing in the pandemic? Here, we are going to mention 5 important points in detailed manners – 

During Parliament speech, MP de Sliva mentioned that the “only one way” to find the country out of the available crisis is to request help right from the IMF. To make easy for you, IMF stands of International Monetary Fund. 

Because of shortage of fuel, there are many power plants which were shut and lead to power crisis all around the country. Moreover, some power plants are resorting in order to hydro energy going with waters basically used in the context of irrigation purposes. Because of insufficient rains and highly increased use of reservoirs in the context of power plants, water shortage is truly anticipated what would badly affect agricultural products and probably lead to food crisis. Considering the All-Island Private Pharmacy Owner’s Associations which is a severe drug shortage is truly looming in the form of existing back-up stocks of medicines are truly due to be used within stipulated three months. Reportedly, Sri Lanka has truly been a five percentage shortage of needed medicines. 

He also mentioned that domestic measures would truly be ineffective and that only IMF could assist in the context of rebuilding the country’s economy. Udit Jayasinghe also mentioned about the reporters in late December that the government may truly have to seek international assistance to cater needed help the poor and hungry. 

We probably require borrowing crops right from friendly nations including maize and consider rationing food in order to ensure pregnant women with illness are fed. Moreover, others probably need to go ahead and make concessions. He also mentioned that these only hours prior another government official removed him. 

According to the AFP news agency, his dismissal was truly not explained by the president’s administration. Here, it needs to mention that the central bank also introduced a request for foreign cash including any loose change which individuals probably have with them after coming back from international travel. 

It had truly restricted dealer’s right from exchanging more than 200 Sri Lankan rupees in the context of a US dollar. Moreover, it also remains engaged in the context of forwarding currency contract earlier right in the calendar year. Since then, the administration has truly instituted interim measures to lift up the situation. 

We hope that shared information has helped you a lot to understand about the current situation and solutions of Sri Lanka crisis.