Granite is a classic natural stone that adds an elegant charm to any home interior. Most homeowners in the UK prefer this gorgeous natural worktop material for their kitchen, as it instantly adds life to any given space.

granite worktops

But how to purchase the best granite kitchen worktops that are not only aesthetic but high-quality and durable at the same time? Here are some important tips to consider when looking for the best granite worktops for your cooking space:

1. Invest in Thicker Granite Slabs:

The most commonly available ¾ inches granite worktops are fragile and even need laminate supports and edges. But this supported worktop setup may trouble you in the long run.

Therefore, you should invest in thicker 1-inch countertops. You need to pay more for this but you can be assured of superior quality.

2. Look for Natural Pits and Hairline Cracks:

While some natural pits and hairline cracks in natural stone may add to its natural beauty, it may at times make the surface prone to damages.

This is more common if the thickness of the countertop is less than one inch. So, try to avoid buying granite splashbackor granite worktops with these natural defects.

3. Ask for the Customised Edge that Matches with Cabinet Details:

 Some experienced fabricators let homeowners have custom edges for classic white or stylish Indian black granite worktops to match with cabinetry. So, ask your fabricator whether they offer a custom design option or not.

4. Invest in Seamless Granite Worktops:

Whether you like subtle granite tones or striking steel grey granite worktops, look for worktops with seamless surfaces. These slabs may be expensive than those with seams but they look better.

The seams would look terrible over time and also grab dirt and dust. So, you should invest in seamless worktops that would look great for years to come.

How to Style a Kitchen Using Granite?

Granite worktops are great to blend with any traditional or contemporary kitchen design. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some easy ways to style up your cooking space with granite:

1. Modern

Modern kitchen design is simple and minimalist, enabling you to play with colours. You may choose white granite worktops to add a classic and subtle contemporary feel to your cooking space.

You may even play around with some vibrant colours like red, blue or green to add a pop of hue to the interior. Besides, add stainless steel appliances and futuristic lighting fixtures to blend technology with stylish kitchen decor.

2. Country-Style

For creating a country-style kitchen design, you may choose classic black granite kitchen worktops or with different dark hues and patterns. This way you can create a welcoming and warm feel in a kitchen. Also, add wooden decorations, such as wood chopping board, and hang copper pans or pots to enhance the kitchen style.

The dark granite worktops, when combined with wooden decor, make your kitchen looks earthy and natural. Moreover, you may even include some pots containing herbs and spices to complement the look of your kitchen.

3. Airy and spacious

Airy and spacious kitchens look modern and chic. Like marble kitchen worktops, white granite is also a popular choice for creating such kitchen designs.

If you have small kitchen, white granite would make it appear bigger than normal, as this colour tends to reflect light and makes space appear larger. If you like colours, you may even choose light tones, such as green, brown orgrey granite kitchen worktops, to give a similar effect to a given space.

There is no need to compromise with decorations and appliances even if you choose coloured worktops and elements to fit into your kitchen.