Granite pavers are used from hundreds of years back in building constructions. Mostly used by the royals for their courtyards, patios or other construction purposes, granite is a popular choice even in modern days.

Many people love to use granite paving around their swimming area, garage, rock beds in the garden, and so on. Available in multiple colours, patterns, and shapes, this stone is known as a popular choice among other natural stones.

If you are the one going to renovate your flooring with granite pavers, then before going ahead, first know what granite is and why it is best to fit for paving:

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed from the slow crystallization of magma below the earth’s surface. It is one of the best-known stone widely used in walkways, countertops, stair tread and many other daily life objects.

This natural stone has been used for interior and exterior building applications from a long time back, world-wide. On the other hand, the rough-cut, modified and polished granite is used in paving, bridges, monuments and for household applications.

Why is granite best fit for paving?

The granite today has widely used in walkways, driveways and roads. With a variety of colours, designs and its ability to give you a skid-free walking area, it became a popular choice among people who look for the best material for paving their swimming pools, gardens and sidewalks.

Though this natural stone has a number of benefits, here are some of them that become reasons to fall in love with granite pavers:

Easy to repair

Pavers made of granite stone have hard surface and withstand any harsh weather. This featuremeans less damage will occur and thus it is easily repairable. Granite stone pavers are installed one by one and can be removed quickly to restore. It is also easy to work on the damaged parts as it cannot harm others nearby pavers. Overall the money spent on the repair work is comparatively low.

Aesthetic appeal

Granite is a natural stone that brings the beauty of nature and gives an aesthetic appeal to your pavers. It enhances the beautiful look of your house or garden where the granite pavers engraved. On the other hand, these pavers retain their elegance forever and never get outdated. Moreover, it perfectly matches with all types of buildings.


Another reason to love these stone pavers is the durability of final paving. Granite is one of a kind stone that is toughest and strongest to use in the construction. That’s why it is popular for the long-lastingnature. Even in high temperatures, there are very less chances of cracks. This stone hardly gets scratches over it, which makes it more durable to use in paving.

Less maintenance

Granite requires very less upkeep as compared to other materials like concrete, bricks, etc. used in paving. Also, these materials are difficult and costly to be washed. However, this is not the case with pavers made of granite. The stoned pavers can be easily cleaned with rainwater and no extra cost required for maintenance.


Granite does not catch fire as it is 100% non-combustible. So, it is basically used near fireplaces and barbeques. Moreover, these pavers are not heated up easily and perfect for the hot climate areas. You can easily and comfortably walk over these pavers in such areas due to their heat-resistant quality.

Slip and skid resistant

Granite pavers are slip and skid resistant that means safe for pets, children and elderly persons. This sturdy material makes sure you willnot fall off and provide a solid footing to stand on. This feature makes granite a right choice for pavers around swimming pools and garden areas.

Enhances property value

Granite is a natural stone that gives an antique and luxury look to your property. The beautiful designs and appealing look increase the reselling value of your home in the market. Plus, the low maintenance cost of granite pavers attracts the buyer to purchase your property at your decided rate.

Value for money

Today, this natural stone is available in almost every corner of the world. The modern cutting and finishing technologies have reduced the price considerably as compared in the past. No doubt, some of the well-finished granite stones are still expensive, but all others are best to fit in your budget. This fact makes granite a popular choice among other stones.

The shapes and types of granite pavers:

Now, besides the above-said benefits, here are some more reasons that make granite a first choice for your paving:

There is a diverse range of shapes that add beauty in the application of granite pavers. Whether you are adding granite to your walkways, pool areas, driveways or patios, the most positive attribute of granite is the design flexibility for your paved area.

The variety of shapes can create different designs like:

  • Hexagonal
  • Fan
  • Cobble-Lock
  • Diamond
  • Marquise
  • Concourse Square
  • Half Course Square

The most common shapes are rectangle and square-based that were followed in many old-styled building or antique paving. However, the modern look follows all mentioned shapes and patterns to create pavers you love to walk-on.

To better understand all these shapes, it is best to examine the depth of the paver stone, shape and pattern used in walkways, pool-sides, driveways.

You can also make a good piece of paving by mixing the two or three different shapes. It creates a more defined and beautiful look that make your area more valuable.

Apart from the patterns, the granite pavers come in a variety of colours. Out of them, the four most-used colours are yellow, black, grey, and rose. However, there is a broad range you can choose from but in all of them these four colours are the most classic and widely used ones.

Some of the other colours of granite pavers are:

  • Counter white
  • Classic Crimson
  • Majestic mauve
  • Maple red
  • Chateau le rouge

Now, despite the number of colours, shapes, and patterns, the other quality granite pavers holding is the types. Yes, granite paving has a variety of types. Practised in the different regions of the world, granite developed with the modernization and technology that makes it possible in the modification in this natural stone.

A range of types of granite pavers:


In this type, granite pieces are simply chopped off in roughly rectangular shape. The surface of the pieces is uneven and has large deviations. These stones hold significant distance when stacked. And, there is little difficulty in laying out a pattern from such type of pieces. But if fit on concrete or cement base, these are the best to paving path and road parking areas.

Sawn or half-filed

This type of pavers is made of high-quality block raw material cut down with the help of a diamond cutting tool. The pavers have a bottom, and all the sides are sawn or half-filed. The top is designed to heat-treated. This stone paving is laid down over concrete base with no gaps remaining in stones which make its surface smooth and easy to walk-on.

Stab-sawn granite setts

These granite setts are strong, have rougher sides with the finely chopped upper and lower area. Such pavers are not tightly fit and might have some space between two stones. Despite that fact, driveway, pathway, or roads made of these pavers are smooth and comfortable to walk.

Granite sifting

Granite sifting or crushed granite is best to use in garden paving. These types of pavers are usually of low cost and give aesthetic appeal. The path made of crushed granite need to use curbs on both ends; otherwise, it gradually unravels and lost its shape. The granite sifting allows less structured and free-form of pathways. You can also use these stones for rock garden beds.

Applying granite stones is not the end of the work, but you can have choices with polished granite finishes also. Here check the different granite paver finishes:

  • Polished: To give your paving a shiny, glossy colour and gemstone-like look, the polished finishing is used.
  • Honed: It brings out the complete colour of granite pavers but without any mirror-like glossy look.
  • Diamond 8: This finish is generally adapted for darker coloured granite to give them misty exterior look with additional removal of stones.
  • Thermal: This finish is taken place by applying high temperature of flames to the stone surface. The fire-flames rupture the crystals over the outer surface. This type of finish is mostly used in the walkways because of its skid-resistant quality.
  • Diamond 10: Unlike thermal, this finish is created by high-pressured water-jet treatment. With such pressure, colour and appearance of the granite are boosted. This finish is also used for darker coloured granite stones.


With the advent of modern construction technologies, many natural stones can be used in different ways. But among all, the granite is a stone which used a long time back in the building constructions, is still a favourite among people. Due to its large number of benefits like slip-resistant, etc. it is widely used in paving.

Granite pavers come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns defined above that give your walkways and paving areas a naturally beautiful look. On the other hand, the mix of antique and modern look enhances your property value.

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