Over the last two years, the candle market has grown by one third. Around the globe, the candle is a product whose market is on fire. As we are heading towards Christmas, a beautiful scent is exactly what everyone needs. In this age of social media, being more specific, the age of bathroom selfies, bloggers and celebrities who previously used to arrange pretty roses or an aesthetic book in the background, now prefer a glowing candle in the background as well. In comparison to the rest of the fragrance market, the candle market has grown at an increased pace over the last two years. 

A candle is a luxury item that is inexpensive as well as attractive. It builds a sense of warmth and relaxation in the environment. People tend to use it for adding scent into their houses on special occasions. 

Choosing the materials:

The packaging material of the candle must be able to withstand the shipment and storage load of the commodity inside the box. It should be ensured that the packaging material is robust enough to cope with the high pressure and preserve the shape of the candle.

The material of the box should have a fine finish which will help the packaging seem perfect as well as eye-catchy. Good quality prints play a huge role in attracting customers. Sometimes brands opt for certain printing techniques which tend to smudge the writing on the package, this leads to a bad impression on the customers.


The brand should make sure that the candle is preserved in a box that is customized in a way that it satisfies and convince the customers to buy your product. Several printing techniques are being used in the market to improve the visual appearance and enhance your business demand.

You have an option to select certain templates online that perfectly suits your product as well as your brand. If you are imaginative enough, you can think of a design yourself as well. While designing your packaging you need to be careful that the design does not become too complicated when it comes to opening the case. The customers get agitated if experience a great deal of difficulty while unboxing. It is important to make your customer’s unboxing experience more exciting. 

Helps your brand stand out

There are thousands of varieties of candles in the market out there. Each brand comes up with a new marketing technique and different labels. In between this market rivalry, brand packaging is one of the quickest ways to make the brand stand out. There are a lot of experts out there with whom you can consult for better sales. Personalized candle holders for candle gift boxes is a great initiative to create your own identity. Add a logo that will represent your brand and make its identity. This way it gets easier for the customers to recognize your brand easily and help in potential purchases. 

Types of printing techniques:

The most popular and effective types of printing techniques are the following







You can use this technique for your perfume boxes as lithography is designed for use on foldable carton boxes. You can achieve a soft matte touch or a super high gloss according to your preferences and whatever suits your candle.


This technique is used for packaging which is flexible for example pouches. You can keep your candle jar in an aesthetically pleasing pouch which will definitely make your brand stand out. The biggest advantage that flexography provides- it is less costly per unit. 


Digital printing is used for labels, corrugated and folding boxes. The drawback of this kind of technique is that large volumes may be costly. In this regard, lithography can work better than digital printing these both are comparable.


This technique is also an amazing option for your candle box. The silkscreen is great for use on jars, bottles, or mugs. It can be used on smaller volumes which adds to the advantages.


Gaining a customer’s attention is the most important need for a brand to sell their products. The exterior of a product is as essential as the product itself. A candle is a commodity that is of multiple-use. Hence, once the customers start using it, the packaging should further protect the commodity. The item has to last on the shelves of certain stores and survive during the transporting process. Keeping all of this in mind the packaging material needs to be able to withstand the elements they into contact with.

Simplicity is the key:

A candle is an aesthetically pleasing commodity. The packaging should be done in a way that looks simple yet elegant. Too much burst of colors for a candle gift box would not be a great idea. The product should be packed in a way that it’s easily transportable and the commodity inside should be protected as it has to go through a lot of shipping processes.

Go green:

The durability of the candle packaging has to be kept in mind, on the other hand, the brand needs to respect the environment as well. Kraft boxes are the best recyclable packaging option for your candle boxes. You can ask your customers to return the boxes to the brand which will help you in reusing the boxes. Customers are becoming environment conscious day by day and they are always willing to understand the effects of the product on the environment, you can gain customer loyalty through this initiative.

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