In a piece from last year about what we believe to be the Most Popular Web Development trends for 2021 we observed how the impact of artificial intelligence dominated all other trends. The influence of AI continues to be felt in the anticipated Web Development Trends of this year too.

Why do we even look at these yearly changes in the most popular practices?

The good news is that studies show there’s over then half Internet users expect websites to load quickly and in no longer than 2 seconds following they click a link. If it takes longer than three minutes to load your website your site’s visitors will leave and they won’t return!

Furthermore, the performance of websites can have an immediate impact on a company’s bottom line. For instance, interest has reduced perceptions of wait time by up to 40% and it increased traffic to search engines and registrations by 15 percent.

The standards we use are driven by our customers and how we meet their demands. This in turn results in new trends, standards, along with new practices business owners have to stay on top of in order to keep our customers satisfied.

In the following article we will explore the technological advancements that will fuel the most sought-after web development trends in 2022. A few of these trends will continue to be popular because the technology behind them develops, while other trends are substituted by new technology which are created to enhance users’ experience.

Let’s explore!

Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots

Again, as we observed in the past, Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving to make our jobs more efficient and more simple. It is not a stretch to say that we need to use Artificial Intelligence to stay functional and gain access to the most useful and relevant data available to our needs. In essence AI takes care of the difficult job, and we don’t need to do it.

Already, artificial intelligence is a major factor in customer support tasks via chatbots. Their capabilities are expanding each day and it is predicted that they’ll soon take over managerial support tasks too.

Naturally, this allows businesses to cut back on the expense of hiring managers and put their efforts on other areas. The tasks AI can perform include:

  • as virtual assistants that will interact with the visitors of the site and make navigation more enjoyable and more like guided tours through the site.
  • Analyzing and analyzing the data provided by the people who interact with chatbots to improve the services and marketing strategies
  • They will handle sales inquiries based upon regularly asked questions, and with definite responses. This will allow them to track leads based on the information provided, which can then be converted.

A simple navigation on websites will result in a top ranking for the site and will simplify the experience for users.

Chatbots are useful for high-customer orientation companies that operate around the clock like banks, as well as online stores. Human chat operators aren’t able to be able to answer all questions due to the fact that they need to take a break and go home when their shift has ended However, the bot operates throughout the day, every day of the week.

PWA (Progressive Web Application)

The progressive web application (PWA) is a website that behaves and looks as if it were an application for mobile phones. PWAs are developed to make use of native mobile devices’ capabilities, without having the user to visit an application store to buy something and then download the software locally.

PWAs are a different matter. PWA is found with the help of a search engine and can be accessed in the browser. The most impressive thing is that the loading times are just as fast as computers, which increases the ease of use. The following reasons show why more businesses are choosing to utilize PWAs.

  • PWAs are 36% more efficient in conversion rate compared to native apps.
  • PWAs have the benefit of a 50% more engagement rate for users.
  • PWAs come with the benefit of having a 33% lower maintenance cost.

Dark Mode

Sometimes, it is also referred to as “Night Mode”, “Shadow Mode” or “Dark View” The darkness style is a term used in design that refers to the low-light user interface which employs a dark color as the background color and reverses the dark-on-light design that designers have been using for many years.

Screen time is growing in the eyes of users, and this has led to the rise of Dark Mode as a way to reduce eyestrain and permitting users to engage with websites for longer. Large technology companies such as Facebook as well as Google have taken note of this new trend and helped influence others as well. There are many valid reasons for why Dark Mode is becoming popular:

  • It makes websites attractive when combined with brighter colors it’s easy to look at and more appealing to the users. This helps users stay longer on your site and interact with your content for longer.
  • Eye fatigue is lower In dim light conditions when you are looking at a bright screen is likely to cause stress and fatigue to the eyes. If you are able to reduce the discomfort caused by bright screens it will improve comfort and allow users to look around the site for longer periods of time.
  • Increase accessibility Accessibility – User Experience research has shown that dark backgrounds increase the contrast of pages, making images stand out and easier for viewers to pay attention to.

In essence, it’s not just that a darker version of your site will make it more enjoyable for regular visitors However, it can be able to accommodate users who are visually impaired, f.ex., that you “neglected” prior to.

  • Reduce energy consumption This also reduces the power of batteries; lighter backgrounds tend to use up more power than darker backgrounds. This is an advantage as users can save energy while browsing your site as well, and they’ll remain longer on your site as they interact with your site’s content.

Voice Search Optimization

As we saw last year, Voice Search Optimization is well integrated into our everyday lives via Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Voice recognition is one of the most recent trends to have shown huge progress among the latest web technology developments.

In 2022, it’s predicted that worldwide the marketplace for intelligent speakers is expected to rise by 21% which will increase it to 163 million devices. Speech recognition using AI assistants such as Siri and Alexa is what has made this transformation possible.

Voice search is a more popular choice than typing , as proven through Adobe Analytics, an astounding 47% of users depend on voice-based search. These figures are real in the context of the many activities that take place in our daily lives.

It is therefore safe to conclude it is an increasing trend that must be used to enhance reachability and improve your user’s experience. It will specifically improve the experience of visually impaired and hearing impaired users.

To show its significance to show its impact, tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google have brought to consumers their own smart speaker to take advantage of this trend.

Mobile-First Development Approach

In accordance with GSMA live-time information it is estimated that there are 10.53 Billion mobile connections in the world; this is higher than the current total of 7.91 Billion as estimated by UN estimates of digital analysts.

Experience with users has proven to be the single most important factor for businesses in retaining customers. 74% of users return to a site if the site is mobile friendly and optimized.

Mobile phones have completely changed the way people live and interact with one another. The majority of people rely on technology to complete their day-to-day errands. This is why it’s vital to consider the flexibility of web technology for mobile and desktop devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Page is among the most popular web-related trends of the moment and it is expected to be in 2022 , too. The purpose of AMP is intended to speed up the loading time of websites more efficiently and also to lower bounce rate on websites.

It’s ideal for video and video as it doesn’t overload when it is activated. The web pages are optimized and run fast and feature a simple and convenient layout with just a few capabilities compared to fully-fledged web pages.

The popularity of these websites is increasing because they’re mobile-friendly and their content is easy to read. The latest trends like AMP are designed to let users have enjoyable internet experiences by speedy loading speeds and user-friendly functions.

A well-designed custom web development plan for your company by using AMP will result in a more user-friendly experience for your customers which means that they will spend more time on your website , and better rankings against your competitors.

One Page Applications (SPA)

Single-Page Applications are among the most popular web-related trends predicted to emerge in 2022. One of the most popular trends in web development is SPA. Single Page Application or SPA is a type of web application that runs within the browser of a web browser. It doesn’t load it’s own page.

In fact the truth is that they do. SPAs provide a great user experience since you don’t need to press the reload button on a regular basis to change the information on their website. The applications we use every day such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and others are just a few instances of SPAs. These apps load content in a way that is automatic and are always new.

The SPAs are able to capture the attention of users due to their speed of access and offer instant information, unlike websites , where users are required to navigate various web pages and then reload pages in order to obtain certain information. Thus, SPAs offer instant feedback to users, as opposed to websites where users have to wait for pages to load.

JavaScript has led to the growth in popularity of SPAs because of their web-based application experience. The trend is likely to continue and all websites that are functional are expected to change.