Christmas is one of the best occasions every year. This might be a year-end festival but it fulfills the joy of the year. This brings new joy for the new upcoming year. We can celebrate this occasion with many gifts but flowers makes an ideal gift for this occasion. Christmas themed flowers not just make an ideal gift but it makes a lovely arrangement that makes someone you love feel special during this fall season. We can decorate our Christmas tree with beautiful flowers from the florist UAE and it adds magic and charm to the tree.

These are the flowers that add colors to your home this Christmas.

1. Mistletoe

Mistletoe is one of the famous plants for its sneaky nature, we can find this plant behind our doorways, and if you are lucky enough you will get a kiss. Despite its pretty appearance, its berries are harmful to us.

2. Poinsettia

This poinsettia flower plant is majorly known as the Christmas plant and it is easily recognized by its pointed red bracts and rich red and green leaves. In Central America, the poinsettia has become famous and symbol of the occasion because when a poor little child presented a bouquet of weeds to Jesus then he transformed this bouquet into bright red flowers. Now we call these flowers as Poinsettia. We can get these flowers by using flower delivery UAE.

3. Christmas Cactus

This Christmas cactus is also known as Thanksgiving cactus. This Christmas cactus botanical name is Schlumbergera. We can find these flowers throughout the fall and by late autumn. These flowers make a great impact on decoration in the workplace. This plant doesn’t require much care with the right amount of light and water it can survive for weeks. We should not give more water to the plant it might damage the plant.

4. Green Ivy

We all know that we cover our floors and walls with decorative items and we think it has a bit of reputation. Actually, the Green ivy plant is very popular for decoration during the Christmas period. This popularity is because of its distinctively shaped rich green leaves that add a key component of floral arrangements.

5. White Chrysanthemums

As we know, chrysanthemums are the symbol of celebration, joy, and cheerfulness. In addition, it is amazing to know that it comes under synonyms of “the most wonderful time of the year”. It is a very charmful flower that adds colors to the house and brightens every occasion. It is said that once a legend brought a poor old beggar to the home when he is suffering in cold and while leaving he left two flowers behind and those flowers are chrysanthemums.

6. Rosemary

As we know, we use rosemary leaves in cooking for its fragrance. We do know that these flowers are used in the Christmas arrangements and decorations. We have been using this as a tradition since the 16th century. This rosemary is found in white, purple, blue, and pink colors.

7. Azalea

As we know, Azalea’s bright colors and large blooms make them hard to ignore and it is very favored festive flowers and plants among other plants. This plant is a perfect addition for interior decoration as for Christmas. Azalea represents passion, abundance, and elegance. You can send flowers online to Dubai to your loved ones and make them feel happy.

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