Know About Sealing Material Used in Various Fields
sealing material

Silicone belongs to a family of polymers consisting of a synthetic compound. Silicone rubber seal has emerged as the best key sealing material used in various fields such as food processing, appliance, medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics and so on. A silicone rubber seal is available in different types of shape to sit well with different […]

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Silicone Rubber Benefits – All You Need To Know

Silicone rubber is a vital sealing substance in a full selection of industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and much more. Due to its numerous unique and best attributes, silicone rubber can be desired for an assortment of applications. Apple Rubber uses many complex technology to take complete benefit of silicone sealing capacities, producing […]

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Sponge O-rings – A Complete Guide

Sponge O-rings offer the advantage of: We can combine any of our midsize cords bigger then 1.5 millimeter diameter and 18.5 mm inner diameter. To work out the developed length of a seal, the following calculation may be used. CS = Cross Department, ID = Inner Diameter, DL = Developed Length. Sponge O-rings are employed […]

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